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Leading the way in plant-based vaccine technology

P l a y V i d e o

What we're working on

Medicago's proven discovery and development platform is scalable and versatile, allowing us to build a robust and limitless product pipeline.


For a world that is prepared to face any disease.

At Medicago, our purpose is to create and deliver effective responses to global health challenges. We were founded with the belief that, through rigorous research and persistent innovation, things can be done better if they are done differently.

Medicago's rapid development and manufacturing platform can be a key partner in the preparation and fight against pandemic threats and other emerging diseases.

About our story

Create the future
in healthcare

At Medicago, every role counts.

Whether you're an entry-level technician or an industry executive, your contribution can have a significant impact on our company's success. With commercialization of our first product on the horizon and an exciting product development pipeline, we depend on all our employees to transform their energy and ideas into results. If you're looking for an employer that values ownership and innovation within a high-growth, collaborative environment, Medicago is the right place for you.

Career opportunities