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Unleashing our full potential.


To accelerate vaccine development, we created a high-throughput screening platform that enables the testing of more than 200 different expression approaches per week. This screening platform, named VLPExpressTM, has significantly accelerated the development of Medicago's products and has enabled the production of a broad range of VLP-based vaccine candidates and antibodies.

Antigen-Display Platforms

Medicago has demonstrated the power of VLPs as their size, structure and repetitive display of antigenic patterns allow for a broader and improved immune response. Medicago is developing platforms based on enveloped or capsidic VLPs that can incorporate and display antigens to target diverse diseases. This is particularly useful in cases where the target antigen is ineffective without an adjuvant or when the antigenic sequence is a part of a protein that is difficult to produce or formulate.

Vaccine iconeVaccine

Advancing vaccines as our first line of defense against disease.

Medicago is committed to the development of VLP-based vaccines targeting a range of infectious diseases of bacterial or viral origin. With the company's core products combating prevalent respiratory and enteric viruses, Medicago's discovery platforms ensure its readiness to combat new and emerging pathogens for insect-borne and zoonotic diseases. 

Antibody iconeAntibody

Developing new ways to fight back.

An area of avid interest for Medicago is antibody-based therapeutics. Our discovery activities are targeted towards the identification of antibodies for effective treatment of prevalent and emerging infectious agents, including bio-resistant bacteria. The platform's ability to generate a range of antibodies enables new possibilities to fight global challenges, such as opioid misuse and opioid exposure.

New indications

Leveraging our technologies to develop new cancer therapeutics.

We are looking to maximize the potential of our platforms and technologies by diversifying to new indications such as cancer immunotherapy.